PREMIUM INVEST CONSULTING REAL ESTATE is a full-service real estate consulting company operating independently and working in an exclusive representation system. we offer the highest standards of quality and integrity in transactions and real estate management. We focus on the particular needs of customers who want to buy, sell real estate in Bucharest. Our customers are serious and accustomed to exceptional service. We offer our clients an honest and impartial assessment of the property's objectives; accurate information on the latest market trends and the legal and financial framework of Romania. Almost all of our business comes to us at the recommendation of a former client or a partner company. We are widely respected in the real estate community in Bucharest and we are constantly recognized for the quality of our work by our clients, colleagues, public and banking institutions. The best way to buy and sell real estate in Bucharest! Real estate consulting company. Professional Real Estate Representation Services of Buyers and Sellers of Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Land. We specialized in the sale and rental of residential, commercial and industrial properties located in the central and northern part of Bucharest.

PREMIUM INVEST CONSULTING REAL ESTATE company offers specialized services of exclusive representation, addressed to both buyers and sellers in the real estate market, for which our consultants act as client's representative. The objective of each consultant is to provide professional services, looking for optimal solutions to meet the needs of his client. We address the owners, the sellers who want a quick sale, without effort and at the best possible price, and we assure them of achieving these desires using our expertise, experience, providing specialized marketing and offering competent professional advice, based on market analysis and access to information. We address the buyers looking for a home and we offer them our experience in the real estate field, we offer them total transparency, support and access to the entire market offer, with complete and accurate information, shortening their search period and time invested in the process. identifying and acquiring a property. We use a modern system to Sell or Buy real estate. Our system is to the benefit of the customer. We put customer interest first. Our consultants are responsible for the clients' success in selling or buying a property, at the best price! We represent Sellers, buyers in real estate transactions and use all our resources and experience in their interest. We get the best results. We have a professional system to sell and buy real estate!
We get the best results. We guarantee the sale, in maximum 90 days at the best market price. The best and smart way to sell and buy real estate in Bucharest. Contact and recommend with confidence!