Selling and buying real estate is a complex and specialized process that involves several professional skills, such as: personalized marketing, comparative market analysis, technological, public relations, communication and economic analysis.

We represent only your interests, thus negotiating a better price for the property than in the case of the classic intermediation.

Save time - on the one hand, due to the efforts and resources allocated by the real estate consultant, the time until trading decreases significantly compared to the classic real estate brokerage system. On the other hand, the only time allotted to you in the sale process will be related to the analysis of the offers received and the signing of the sale-purchase contract.

Zero headache - you have a consultant dedicated to the sale of your property, which will deal with marketing and promotion, visits, the relationship with other real estate agencies, the negotiation of the price, the aspects necessary to convey the ownership right. Thus you will experience only the pleasant part of the transaction.

What we do for you

Analysis report of the property, the market, the competition
Development of marketing plan and promotion
Home staging - arranging the property to be as attractive as possible
Making professional photos and film
Publication on their own websites and promotion through ad-words
Publication on all relevant real estate portals
Promotion through social networks: Linkedin, Facebook, etc;
Promotion to the entire portfolio of clients and partners
Introduction in the database of the other real estate agencies dealing with the area, to which we pay commission;

We represent your interests only from the beginning of the collaboration until after the completion of the transaction.